Thursday, 3 June 2010

Marcello Mastroianni

This is one of the Speak The Culture illustrations. He was gorgeous in a way that only quiet people with nice hair and handsome parents can be.

The books are a great read; exactly the sort of thing to stick in your pocket for the flight. When you arrive you won't be quite so ignorant; your conversation will be studded with amusing and intelligent aperçus, and the client, or the other dinner guests at an intimidating restaurant in Paris or Rome, will meekly submit to your outrageous charm and intimate knowledge of their national psyche.

Well, that's what's supposed to happen, anyway. Oh, and leave the book at the hotel while you're showing off; things could get nasty otherwise.


  1. Oh look, you go to all the trouble of registering to post a comment and then your mind goes blank. No, I remember! Illustration – I totally agree that there should be more of it, but the reliance on stock photography in a lot of design and advertising is more to do with creative people going online to Getty or wherever to look for inspiration, rather than having a pure idea, visualising it, and then commissioning original work (photography or illustration) once the idea's approved. At this point a massive cheer goes up from illustrators and smudgers everywhere. BTW, love the illustrations in Speak The Culture.

  2. Exactly, but better put than my hesitant waffle. I still pine after Barely Beige and those cool greys...