Friday, 21 January 2011

Mute: Miles Davis 1991

This was the image of Miles that appeared on my 1991 Christmas card.

It was the year he died and Richard Williams used this picture on his jazz round up in the Independent On Sunday magazine when he was editor. It was the most handsome of magazines and the writing was excellent. A true marriage of form and content; I was always a fan of Zoë Heller's interviews, and I remember a passage when she leaves a wine bar with Norman Stone, a confident right-wing historian, where the alcohol fumes rise from him like steam... One of my favourite designers and best mates bought the original; the late and great Laurence Grinter,
and I was glad it went to a good home. He was a typographer of rare taste and instinct as well as a truly gifted fretless bass player.

I miss them both.

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