Sunday, 30 May 2010

Coffee cup print: Cup #1

Image Size: 211mm x 214mm
Paper Size: 311 x 324mm
I love a cup of fresh coffee first thing. Well no, not first thing, second or third thing, maybe; the cup that wakes is a cup of tea, and the cup that shakes is coffee. I love the taste but don't really like the trembling, hyper-ventilating sense of gloom that spreads slowly upwards.
That's when you try to light a cigarette and you know this is the start of another tense, overdrawn day at the office. On the bright side, the drink does concentrate the fear and it was on a day like any other that I thought I should try and vanquish my torment by painting a half empty coffee cup.

I thoroughly enjoyed it; I must have painted about 20 inside a month, had an exhibition which I wittily entitled New Recessionist Pictures and I sold them all. I scanned them all carefully though and have released them as decaffeinated giclée prints, which are going down really well in cafés, bars and offices.

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  1. As Will Smith said in Independence Day, "I got to get me one of those!"