Thursday, 3 June 2010

People print of cricket: Sky of Blue, Sea of Green

Sky of Blue, Sea of Green
Giclée print

Image Size: 1000mm x 249mm
Paper Size: 1118mm x 379mm
£450 Signed edition of 50

How's that for tranquil? Sunday cricket in Dorset; cloudless and crowdless but that’s fine because
the quiet is only broken by the irregular slap of leather against willow and the
occasional cloud passing by... time for a bit of a nap then maybe a Pimm’s from the
boot of the car. Summer’s here...

An ideal print for putting a few people in the foreground. Or quite a few.


  1. Is it just Roy and me, or am I catching a fleeting glimpse of a twelfth man at silly mid-on?

  2. Oh, er, I don't really know where Roy is. Could the twelfth man be some sort of umpire person?

  3. Believe he played the Jazz Cafe on Saturday. To my shame I wasn't there. Ah, the years of grace, the hallowed strip in the haze. Did he sing it, I wonder?

    It is little I repair to the matches of the Southron folk,
    Though my own red roses there may blow;

    Looks as though I may have missed out, though - don't recall Old Trafford often being bathed in sunshine like this. Childhood memories of clutching cups of bovril to keep the hands warm.

  4. Lovely stuff and makes me regret not knowing more about it; I know Harry Pinter wrote about it a lot. He is supposed to have sent this poem to Simon Ward, or some actor friend:

    I saw Len Hutton in his prime
    Another time
    another time

    and after a couple of weeks he phoned to ask if he'd read it, and the foolhardy cove replied that he hadn't had the time to finish it. That must have taken some balls.