Thursday, 24 June 2010

People print of a polo match: Playing golf during an earthquake

Giclée print

Image Size: 700mm x 681mm
Paper Size: 840mm x 830mm
Signed edition of 99


That pitching while putting analogy comes from Sylvester Stallone, a renowned polo player apparently and now a stellar provider of good captions for art prints. This image I made in 2007 only because Fifi, the wife of painter mate Nicky Hely Hutchinson was involved in the event as a charity fundraiser. Also one of my daughters was very keen on horses at the time – the pony pics are all from Feebs – but has transferred her affections to stuff that involves texting and constant communication updates with people she spends a good part of her life with anyway. Bless.

Before Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the other load of unsocial networks we're supposed to be so fascinated with, there was real communication like talking, or if you are a polo fan, like shouting. Shouting very loudly, in the general direction of a face that might look suspiciously interested in anything you have to say.

Decibels of gold blared past me – "That horse has got issues. He don't want to go forwards" – as I nervously snapped my way into producing this print for charity which they didn't want but lots of people seem to like.

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