Tuesday, 1 June 2010

People print of Studland Bay: Near where the slow train used to stop

A solicitor friend of mine who has an office near Bournemouth wanted a picture for the reception area that would be colourful and engaging; something for people to look at who didn't want to get distracted from the business at hand by something gripping in, say, Dorset Life.

This print of Studland, a well-known beach on the Isle of Purbeck, was photographed about five years ago, and has echoes of the pre-war prints that sold these destinations to us so nicely from the walls of the carriage, below the stickered suitcase thrown on the netted luggage rack. You get the picture.


  1. Ah Studland, what a beach. Day trippers, twitchers, nudists... day tripping twitching nudists. It's got the lot. Love that blue - heights of summer.

  2. Actually, Andrew, if you look closely you'll see a nudist. By the yacht I think. Thanks for that, think you were the first!
    Bottle of champagne at The Spaniard when we have that meeting.

  3. No, Paul was. Pint of bitter in The Eagle, then.