Thursday, 12 August 2010

American sketchbook: Why Simon Cowell is rich

Here they are, the people who just have to form a line even when they're told not to. In a way, of course, they're quite heroic; they're standing up and they're being counted. At Toronto airport they were determined, even in the face of the most sneering and embarrassing ridicule from the man who was marshaling the passengers at the gate for the San Francisco Airbus.

They shuffled to their feet as soon as the microphone was turned on, and from then on it was pure merriment: 'Unless you are disabled or with very young children, there is no need to queue... Er, I can see that there's a queue forming and believe me, please, there is no need to get up until your row numbers are called...'

And still they decided to brazen it out; they might have felt that since they'd gone to all the trouble of standing, didn't seem much point in sitting again...

In England the announcers don't enjoy their jobs so nothing is said. In Canada, they are used as comic material by someone who sees it every day and still gets a kick at the sight of these twerps who think there might be some advantage at doing something just so outstandingly daft.

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