Thursday, 2 September 2010

Linda Coggin poem and illustration: School trip to The Museum

School trip to The Museum
(homage to George MacKay}

They went to the Museum with toffee filled pockets.
Norman found a manatee and listened to a whale
on the telephone.Keith waited by the mini-beasts for Simon
who didn’t show.

Lucy watched a film on life in the womb all morning
and later had trouble with her small intestine.

No one took notes.

George played three rounds on the heart beat machine
he died twice.
Where did they find Samuel?
They found him with t he nine-banded armadillo
all small and wet eyed.

They ate Angel cake and bought bug-eyes from the shop
Samuel’s broke on the journey home.


  1. Love the pic - and you can write poems too! That E J Thribb could learn a lot here. I was never taken to the museum by the school - did go down a coal mine, though. That was really educational. Unfortunately neither my poetic nor my pictorial skills up to capturing the occasion.

  2. Er, whoops! The poem's are Linda's, John. I'd like to thing of a Coggie verse on your mining trip...

    But thanks so much for the comment.