Friday, 3 September 2010

Prints on canvas: The amazing 2cv

These are images of the 1949 model of the Citroen 2cv, one  of the most iconic cars ever produced.

I was commissioned to paint a 'pop art' image of the car, but the size of the picture – 75cms square – made it too small to paint properly; so I drew it up and turned it into a print on canvas.

It really works well at this size and can be produced in various colourways (six shown as examples above). They come mounted on 40mm deep stretchers, signed by the artist.

Only available in editions of 50 and in any size, as long as it's square!

Price on application. Email Johnny Bull:


  1. Aren't they wonderful? An evocative celebration of a vehicle with character - before the dreadful advent of the "world car". Be a waste of time collecting Dinky Toys today - they'd all look alike!
    Anne's 1st car was a 2cv called Buttercup. It caught fire, then died in Camden Road, but she still got £15 for it.

  2. Did you see that chilling Shane Meadows bloodbath 'Dead Man's Shoes'? With Matlock's nasties all drifting round the dales in a green 2cv Dolly with striped roof. The quintessential non-gang vehicle. Inspired carsting.

  3. I think it's a terrific movie. Been bit of a Shane Meadows fest on BBC4. Caught up on "This is England", and saw short "Where's the Money, Ronnie" and shortish "Small time". Think "Dead Man's Shoes" is his piece de resistance, though.