Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Little Spanish Steps: Joanna Jacobs photography exhibition

When I was looking through Joanna's photographs to make a selection for this exhibition, she said. 'Be honest – is it in or out?' I thought the selection she was going through on her Mac had already been whittled down to a long list, but no –  I was looking at half a dozen perfect images of a naked Spanish foursome swimming in a ravine – it took ages selecting the best from the very good. There's so much colour and fun in her pictures, as well as an instinctive eye for composition, movement and well, just the stuff that makes a really good shot, I think we selected 20, and another dozen or so easily passed muster.

She's better than she thinks she is, which is a good thing as well as a drawback. When you start pointing out the matching colours of a windscreen and a hairdo, or the really satisfying way a boy's profile is framed by his mother's arm, you feel that you're starting to waste her time. Don't bother. She just wants you to see what she saw.

They're all brilliant, her photographs: go to The Pythouse Kitchen Garden and get lost in the colour and fun... and nudity.

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