Thursday, 6 January 2011

An Italian Job: Milanimals

Turin was the location for the famous bit of Mini Cooper mayhem; and Milan was just crying out for some carniverous chaos in the form of a few roaming hungry beasts. I think if I were there I wouldn't make a run for it, I'd just shuffle gently towards a shop and wait for the trouble to die down. A few punters would get it. Even the giraffe looks big enough to digest a small Fiat.
This was originally conceived as a picture to grace the walls of a kitchen exhibition designed by Gillie Dean who was working as a stylist for Mark Wilkinson. How fortunate that the lime green Gillie specified matched exactly the carpets chosen by the Grand Designs organisers, and also how great that it got voted top stand. Gillie's clever, mind. She knows just who to use,

This will be showing at the West Ox Arts Gallery as part of an exhibition called Not Just Illustration. I'll stick the link to my Facebook page and look forward to seeing you all laughing helplessly at this beautifully crafted piece of crowd control!


  1. Love it. Cathedral just across way might make better sanctuary than the arcade as doors presumably too small for beasts to enter.
    HNY - keep us smiling in 2011.

  2. I imagine the duomo is packed as we speak!

  3. Just a thought but by 1969 the Mini had been in production for 12 years!

  4. This from Paul: Got to be a Dumbo/duomo gag in there somewhere, but I just can’t make it work.

    I did. In my Tweet offensive. God help us...