Friday, 1 April 2011

Ashley Wood Acoustic Fest: Logo for website

This looks quite good as a button graphic; it's advertising a festival in July near Tisbury in Wiltshire on Ashley Wood Farm. I was knocked out when I first went there to take part in an exhibition in November. It's a collection of stone buildings that used to be part of the original farm dotted about a huge circular gravel driveway.

Jim, who's organising the event, insists on the gig being totally acoustic; not one microphone for anyone... So, when it came to putting together a graphic device, I thought a tad predictably, "So, that will be an f-hole to cover the acoustic angle, then..." But the f-hole is quite an ungainly shape, at least I thought so. A Bodoni lower case f was used in the end; streamlined a bit and then dropped in the middle of what could be a record centre; but that was neither here nor there...

Since the farm looks down onto a lake, it seemed as good an excuse as any to trick the eye by offering a reflection of the lettering, and reflecting (but not quite) the character to produce a lovely f-hole that is simply a pure typographical bit of good fortune. Also, it seemed to me to chime  with the idea of  a festival that is to be unadorned by any amplified malarkey. It makes its own fun.

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