Friday, 18 November 2011

The time has come for all good Gooners...

HIGHBURY 7. 5. 06 (Put yourself in the picture!)
To come to the aid of the party. That party. The last game at the Highbury Stadium. If you weren't there, then you can be, now. I want to fill this picture up with Gooners young and old, big and small, to send off to the Royal Academy as a huge print as a candidate for inclusion in the Summer Exhibition. Where you'll be seen by millions...

Send a jpeg (head to toe, preferably, so you can be treated in my inimitable style). I want as many as possible to chuck into this merry throng, leaving the beautiful ground for the last time... so pass this on to anyone who supports the most deserving team on the planet. That means you, Chris, and your mates, and you, Arsene, I can put you up in the front with Charlie George. 

Players and fans, Gooners and Goonerettes! I want to create an football image with a difference; something with a bit of taste and creativity. A bit like Arsenal in fact.

Please send your photos to me as soon as you can! They don't have to be hi-res; I can sort that out.

Do it now to make sure you get into the most memorable bit of football imagery ever.

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