Thursday, 14 June 2012

Life drawing classes: clothed and unclothed

This is a flyer I designed to promote life-drawing classes at Ashley Wood Farm. Clare, who runs Ashley is very keen that there is a space to produce work, and also to exhibit. I'm really grateful to her for this fantastic opportunity; I loved teaching it years ago – all the pupils were women, and mostly, so were the models – I didn't so much teach as encourage and cajole, and the results, especially from the novices (though nobody, strictly speaking, is a novice at drawing) were spectacular in their energy and spontaneity.

Classes are £20 for two-hours with either a clothed model (10-midday) or nude model (6.30-8.30pm). So you pay £100 for five lessons, telling me in advance, if possible, what sessions you can attend. 

Materials needed: Drawing board (20 x 30") paper and drawing equipment (charcoal, pencils etc) 

NB Don't forget a can of fixative (it stops the charcoal from smudging). A cheap version of this is hairspray! The studio has big windows, so the smell won't hang around for long!

I want to arrange an exhibition which features drawings from these classes at Ashley Wood, where we can have a proper Private View, drink white wine and listen attentively to the murmurings of adulation from friends and public alike. 

With live music and canapes. Whatever they are.

So, I can't wait to start again. I have to get people to commit to 5 weekly classes, but if for some reason they can't make the whole block, they will be credited for the sessions they miss.

The morning sessions will end at midday, and it is hoped to extend these to a lunch at the Beckford Inn nearby.

But I mustn't get too carried away.

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