Wednesday, 30 June 2010

People print of Florence: Frank gets confused

Florence, Duomo

Giclée print

Image Size: 1000mm x 637mm

Paper Size: 1118mm x 787mm

Signed edition of 50


On Brunelleschi's sacred turf, where not only did he change all of art history once, but decided to change it twice, by working out the laws of perspective. Grazie mille, Bruno, you're a dude.

This is a late January afternoon in Florence and it's been raining all day and it's the sky that gets Franks attention; it's curdled in places and it only heightens the alienation that he's feeling. He should be inside but it's too early for a beer and he just doesn't want another coffee. A woman pushes a retro-style bicycle towards a knot of tourists who seem to be young enough to be noisy and happy underneath this smeary wreck of a cloudscape.

There is so much history here it's embarrassing. The very nice and deservedly busy Andrew Graham Dixon has done a few programmes on Vasari, the undisputed king of art chroniclers and in no doubt that Michelangelo stood head and shoulders above the rest of the Renaissance daubers. I've done a Thumbnail of him somewhere, I think on the Speak The Culture website...

Nearby, is the great Trinity fresco in Santa Maria Novella, by Tommaso di Giovanni di Simone Guidi. or Massaccio ('Messy Tom' to you and me). It is truly one of the best paintings in the universe, completely revolutionary when unveiled in 1425, when huge crowds gathered to see it. Just as they did to see the recent unveiling of the restored painting. Massaccio died at 27, in poverty probably. And yet he attracts not only one crowd, but another, six hundred years later probably including distant future offspring.

What a fantastic thought.

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