Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sketchbook mayhem: What on earth...

Look on my works and share my despair. I never was much of a sketcher at college, but now I love it. I suppose back in the day there was an element of competition about it, and I hated looking at Geoff Appleton's or Mick Hill's brilliant annotated pages. I don't really understand a lot of what I write, and one day maybe I'll think, "Oh yes, Mexico!" as sometimes the mists of time evaporate enough for me to profit a little from the scribbly nonsense within, Anyway this is from last March, while I was sitting in a Soho gallery minding the shop for Anne Clements.


  1. Yes it does look a bit suspicious doesn't it? I don't know if Geoff gets the updates; I must sort out the mailing. No, it was just a couple of tests from George as some people couldn't leave comments. Sadly not the much-travelled but flawless Clemmie

  2. Johnny, could it have been the new ITV mast circa 1954?

    Love the whole concept, brilliant.

    Shar xx