Monday, 14 June 2010

Spanish sketchbook: Giclée print

Sketches of Spain #2
Giclee print
Image Size: 297mm x 215mm
Paper Size: 397mm x 325mm
£105 Signed edition of 99

I was housesitting in Masquefa, a 40 minute train ride northwest  from Barcelona in Catalonia. My mates Paul and Helen Critchley normally did it; they lived in Barcelona but were travelling that year. The tasks weren't especially onerous: feed the cat; feed the fish; but not the fish to the cat and water the plants indoors and out. Most days after getting the croissants for breakfast and having a coffee and holiday fag, if I didn't get the train into Barca I'd sit on the verandah and fill up sketchbooks with small gouaches like this.

One thing I learned was that the sun moves quite fast, and almost every still life I attempted failed, because the shadows changed position constantly. A graphic demonstration of time flying when you're enjoying yourself. I also painted the laziest, hungriest cat in the world, Estrella. It got to the point where he'd meet me at the station and shout at me in Cat Catalan that if I didn't get my sorry ass up to the kitchen and empty a whole tin of cat food (his owners recommended only a half) into his bowl immediately then surely I would die.

I think he doubled in size whilst I was there but what could I do?


  1. Just beautiful. More please!

  2. Ok George, I'm going to put a picture of the beast up in a minute. you've been warned...