Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Estrella. A study in evil

Sketches of Spain #4
Giclée print
Image Size: 228mm x 183mm
Paper Size: 328 x 293mm

£82.61 Signed edition of 99

Estrella, the cat that put the talon in Catalonia (after Cat) is enjoying another one of his day-long siestas, in the baking sun on the balcony of this little house in Masquefa, where I'm house-sitting for friends.

Oh yes, he looks comfy enough, catching a few rays while he's pretending to sleep. He's thinking of course of his food; the dark gelatinous reeking sludge that comes from one of the 50 or so tins stacked up in the kitchen. He's also thinking that if I make the slightest move, he'll be up screeching and hissing in a fairly convincing display of a cat who's had a comprehensive grounding in jugular veins.

We're together on the balcony; I think I might make a move for the station, when I've done this little drawing; done his sweet little baked bean feet and his shiny fur. What I'm thinking is, I'll lull him into a false sense of security and then run out of the house the back way. But then I drop the tiniest of brushes; a miniscule job that I used for the whiskers. And he's nastily wide awake. So now I have to paint the chair, until he's asleep; the comfy chair he uses while I get cramp on this hard kitchen stool. It's a shame, Barcelona would be so nice today.


  1. Nice one Johnny. Did I mention that I really REALLY like the Johnny Bulletins masthead? So much so that I'm planning to lift the idea wholesale for a hotel website we've been asked to do.

    XX P

  2. Use it without reservation, let or hindrance.
    Maybe change the name unless you have a fairly narrow target audience. But respect to the new niches...

  3. Have you ever thought, no demeaning intent embroidered into this, Illustration as in a book? You have, as in Estrella, a gift in terms of judging a character! You might think on that, taking a Forever Amber or the like, just as an introductory to show to a Literary Agent or Publisher. Natacha Ledwidge is a Friend and might have suggestions, all of them decent! David

  4. Thanks David, and very nice to hear from you. And no demeaning intent taken... In fact Estrella did so little other than eat sleep and shout, that he was pretty much an invention. Forever Amber, eh? I certainly will give it some thought. Thanks for the comment; I'll email you later. J

  5. It's just as well you missed that trip to Barcelona Johnny, as you had that huge boulder to get out of the pool and the barbecue to prepare for Don Logan's visit.

  6. There was a great Friday night outdoor cinema in the square, where I saw The Departed, but not Sexy Beast, a far superior film. Estrella was far too fast for a bullet; even a hitman would have been found whimpering on the train out of town.