Friday, 18 June 2010

Tangled up in blue: Old Gaffers nautical people print

This is for my mate Laurence Mitchell who has a gallery in Yarmouth on The Isle of Wight.

He's been on to me for a while now to produce something a bit more local that will be be an
affordable souvenir. So he suggested coming down to photograph the people and the various craft that come to Yarmouth, a pretty ferry port, for The Old Gaffers Festival
a couple of weeks ago.
The Festival is Yarmouth's own Cowes Week in a weekend; it's crowded, boozy, noisy and fun.

The Correspondents played in the big tent on Friday –  inspired, energetic and really polished modern cabaret – and later at The Wheatsheaf we saw the note and beat-perfect Accelerators, powering their way confidently and noisily through evergreen sixties standards with jaw-dropping ease. I'd never seen The Who's 'I'm A Boy' performed live. I doubt if Pete and Roger have done it recently, but if they ever consider reviving this quirky classic, they should see The Accelerators to see how it's done.

The poster is supposed to be a reflection of the colour and an indication of the beautiful old yachts that still use the gaff rigging. Them and the waterborne spectators I've put into an image that has given me migraine and a few dreams all to do with cutting out the background from all the rigging from every yacht.

This is work in progress. For some reason I've used Bureau, based on the old 19th century sans fonts and as perennial and beautiful as any typeface I can think of. By the way Laurence uses Comic Sans, and if you have a problem with that, then read this.

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