Monday, 27 September 2010

Sea to shining sea: Art-of-the-States Photoshop job

Sea to Shining Sea (detail)

This is the monster I referred to in the earlier post about the fear of getting lost in a Photoshop labyrinth. Somewhere in this image are about 250 layers containing illustrations, small ads, screened and coloured photographs and messy lettering that make up an illustration for a new NY-themed bar and grill in deepest Surrey.

It will be mounted on aluminium and sealed in acrylic; and will form a corner-piece in two five foot lengths to delight and intrigue the curious customer. Well, that's the intention; it took ages, but has been a manic but enjoyable experience for me and The Globe Gallery (thank you Joe and Fiona) in Weybridge, who put this project together. Fingers crossed, it's not up yet, and it opens on Saturday...

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