Monday, 27 September 2010

Pretend Sixties: New York film (spot Truman clinging to Marilyn)

A colourful celebration of every great film that came out of NY. I had the fabulous Nick and Nora, (Bill Powell and Myrna Loy from The Thin Man,  the sexiest, cleverest casting in the history of filmage) at one point, but I might save them for a more retro, darker collage. The Thin Man was just so perfect; Martinis, ad-libs, and a bit of a pointlesss story. Art deco malarkey for post-Prohibition grown-ups. By the way, any fans of theirs who were disappointed by the comparatively torpid Leatherheads, (sold as wise-cracking tour de force nod to the 30s) should see the more than respectable, but largely ignored A Perfect Getaway, for the sharp-witted pacey dialogue between Kiele Sanchez and Timothy Olyphant, who was the stupidly handsome Sherriff with er, violence issues from the unassailable HBO Western series,  Deadwood.

If anybody was going to do a remake of The Thin Man, these two quick-witted actors have got to make the shortlist.Actually I've made myself want to rent A Perfect Getaway again. It's a good, well plotted little twister of a  film.

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