Monday, 25 October 2010

Any excuse to use Franklin Gothic: Elemental Art Show


This is what I put together for a show in a great new exhibition space near Tisbury – Wiltshire's finest village – which still has a station and a train that can take you to London. Just like things used to be before life got worse under the wretched shibboleths of 'better' and 'modern'.

The venue itself is the Ashley Wood Farm. Situated above the Fonthill Lake
and comprising an enormous, beautiful barn and converted out-buildings. It's a truly dedicated exhibition space. Claire Martin and Sophia Groom have lined up seven artists including me. They're going to show a large version of the Hanover Square people-print, an image that  evokes a slightly apocalyptic day in the smoke, but also seems to have all these elements in threatening quantities:

Here's a link to the Facebook Event:

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