Sunday, 31 October 2010

Archive fun: What was I thinking?

This was the basis of a birthday card for Chloë, my elder daughter last year. It was one of those images that just sort of came together while I was wondering what to do.

She was 16, and very sweet (still is) so I found some nice Franklin numerals and various bits of bric-a-brac that I hauled up a  tree, which I'd thoughtfully stained blue with about 150 cans of Ronseal;
rented a small disused bus-shelter from Turkey, from Kalkan in fact, set about making some flags which were lettered to carry her name a trifle discreetly in the breeze; then got an architect friend to landscape and sandfill a couple of acres of land near Fovant... Chloë did manage to scale this creepy construction long enough to be part of the picture, and thank God she did, otherwise just what sort of birthday card would it be?

She did actually love it, I think, but told me I should get myself a photo shop or something.