Monday, 22 August 2011

All Yesterday's Parties: Celebration of a celebration

These are fun to do: images commissioned from scratch. Pictures of parties, weddings or anything that's worthy of making into a picture. The more photographs you send the better (the location can of course be photographed after the event). You can have carnival colour, or you can have colour that's subtle, or you may not have a view on it until you see a proof, then you might want to change it. It's all possible.

The images are colour-soaked giclée prints, and the quality is always superb; remember 'giclée' is just a posh word for inkjet, but there are a few more colours to achieve the richness and density that your desktop printer couldn't offer. They can also be made quite large. Very large if you want.

I've produced this image using a photograph of Compton Verney in Warwickshire (a massive Georgian pile, that you can hire for parties, incidentally) that I took a few years back, and dotted the grounds with the unlikeliest assortment of revellers plus a few bits of fauna, inspired by the Turners at Petworth House.

So, if you can imagine, a large (or not so large), colourful (or not so colourful) and beautiful image that records an occasion in the way you want to remember it, then drop me a line; this occasion might have happened, or it's yet to happen, it doesn't matter. You'll have a beautiful picture which is about you and your mates, who were there at a time, a place, an event that you'll never forget.

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