Monday, 3 October 2011

Speak The Culture: All Poland in two colours

Speak The Culture Books are more than paperbacks on business and travel; they aim to supply readable, witty insights into the living and historical fabric of a particular country. Business is more than just turning up at a client's office, shaking hands on a contract and getting the next plane home. Well, I imagine that getting to know a client is as important a part of the job as analysing the business. Even accountants are known to be forced into the odd bar and made to down a drink or two in the cause of profitable detente...

Even if language is a barrier, the Speak The Culture aim is to provide any traveller, not just the business flyer, with bite-sized chunks of memorable information that, as well as providing several conversational entrées that will endear you to your host, they help to establish the character of the country visited; and the illustrations that I love doing for them, do their best to make the information memorable. They are limited to 2 colours, but instead of opting for dreary duotones, the range of effects is made as wide as possible. This selection from  Speak The Culture:Poland shows how Rubine Red and Black work hard to make the most of their limited resources.

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