Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More valley ghosts: 2012 Chalke Valley History Festival

“To promote the entertainment and relevance of history to the widest possible audience so as to furnish it with enough sense of the past to make sense of the future.”

Last year's Chalke Valley History Festival was an outrageous, runaway success. It actually made a profit, and the feedback was all positive. I didn't start working on it until May last year and the work on the graphics for the brochure, the advertising and the all the attendant bits and pieces took all the time from first meeting to opening. 

This year I've started designing early. We're producing postcards and letterheads to prepare the ground visually as prospective speakers, sponsors and advertisers are contacted. And those who were aware of the previous look will see that nothing fundamental has changed: the subjects drift transparently around a now luminous green valley;  the Hawker Typhoon just airborne hints at Antony Beevor or James Holland.  I've still to add Thomas Cromwell and a few more visual clues to produce an interesting, as well as arresting cover for a bigger brochure, for a bigger festival. 

Oh, and a Trojan Horse...and Elizabeth David

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