Thursday, 20 October 2011

Trains, Boats, Tractors and Ponies: Exhibition preview at Smith & Williamson

Yes, it's the kind of gig David Cameron would give his eye-teeth to be at. It's just so big society. Well it's Salisbury so it can't get much posher. 

In fact Smith & Williamson are a firm of accountants who always have space available for artists' work; they have an opening night and they have the pleasure (and their super-rich, art connoisseur clientele) of looking at nice pictures for a few weeks, I'm hoping that I'll make enough on the night, that I'll be flush enough to hand over my financial affairs to them, but it's a fairly hefty hope...

They're local and they're located in the old library building in Chipper Lane. 
I'll chuck a map on here in a minute... The building is beautiful, and you can see the original French Shop pictures that caused so much fuss in Homes and Gardens recently (I'm no stranger to controversy) and look at the famous Queen Mary print, while downing glasses of chilly Muscadet or whatever they've got on offer at Majestic. They've got a lovely panelled boardroom where you mill contedly around Polo Match and Skaters. Oh and there's three very fetching Italian images...

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