Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Phoebe posing. A natural gif.

All in the aid of history. My daughter dressing up and posing as someone being buzzed by a Spitfire. The cover of this year's Chalke Valley History Festival brochure shows Phoebe and our neighbour, Millie, dressed as Victorians taking the air and being surprised, maybe terrified, at the sight of a Spitfire howling through the valley on the way back from a sortie.
It's a montage, so they're not really frightened, just a bit cold... Anyway, here's Feebs going through the acting paces. Takes after her mother, clever and beautiful. Thank goodness. 
When I have time I'll put up a movie-ette of Millie. Now she is dramatic.
Thanks to the brilliant Christina Reynolds, Millie's mother, for making it all possible.

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