Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Twinkle twinkle little stars: breaking free of Google Earth.

Google, who you may remember gave us the best search engine for like, ever, has come up with a new social marketing phenomenon called Google+.  It suits people like me better than Facebook or the dreary crushed paper cup of Linkedin.

It shows work in progress from various photographers and illustrators, one of the most prolific being the nocturnal Paul Stickland. But alas, the usual suspects always seem to rule the Google waves, like they rule the websphere with their wretched twee homilies and their pictures of a cat falling asleep on a windowsill. I used to like the Dalai Lama. But Jeeze...
They get literally hundreds of 'plusses', which is a thumbs-up from a grateful reader. I've just got an unheard-of eight for this. No, four. But still, on my Richter scale that was epic, dude.

Encouraged by the tireless genius that is +paul stickland to illustrate an idea for a space elevator concept  by +Michael Laine ... Here goes. "It just appeared one day in the square by the fountain. At first nobody dared go up; they'd maybe skip up the down lane, then when a stag party decided to take the plunge and came back, thoughtful and beatifically happy, it sort of caught on. The authorities tried to dismantle it, but it was completely unbreakable. So, they shrugged their shoulders and let the public take their chances. All you could make out of the disappearing people as they got higher was the flashes of their cameras as they took pictures from the shimmering stairs.
Richard Branson, thickly jumpered, took his Virgin chequebook and skipped up one Saturday morning with an entourage of PR people and photographers. They blazed a tiny, twinkliing path in the ether, and were never seen again."

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